Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Voting Liberal on the Social Issues Doesn’t Help Society

Last week, I got involved in a political discussion at work.

Normally, when politics come up in my ultra-liberal office, I put on my headphones and tune everyone out. But there was no escaping this one, since there were only two people in the room when my colleague brought it up.

And one of those people was me.

I didn't flat-out tell her I was voting Republican, but I implied it a few times as gently as I could around her portrayal of Trump as the instigator behind all the recent violence against women and racially-charged police shootings. (I'm not being sarcastic here. She really did say that.)

I also dared to give my opinion on Trump’s worldview, which is that he’s neither racist nor sexist but opportunist. He'll be nice to whomever he wants to be nice to and viciously attack anyone he doesn't, punching back with every personal slur he can to gain the upper-hand.

By the way, that's not a quality I admire in him.

But I also don't admire what my colleague went on to say about how she sympathizes with conservative fiscal values but never votes Republican because she cares so much about the social issues.

From a logical perspective, I can't respect that position.

While it’s good to care about your fellow people being able to live free, enriched lives, nobody can lead a free, enriched life when they’re seeking freedom above fiscal, governmental and societal responsibility.

Consider how, under the last eight years of a liberal, social-issues-preaching regime, we’ve racked up unsustainable amounts of debt. Our government has levied thousands of pages worth of additional taxes and regulations. And our society has too often devolved into chaos, with destructive riots; a flood of illegal immigrants encouraging gang violence, drug violence and drug use; homeless communities springing up; and jobless teenagers turning to crime.

Factor all that in, and it doesn’t matter whether we have all the affirmative action, gay rights, free abortion and other social-issue platforms liberals adhere to. Nobody will truly benefit from them – if they ever truly benefited from them – because everybody’s taxes will be too high to lead worthwhile livelihoods, our movements will be too stifled by government surveillance and our neighborhoods will look like the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore.

That’s what setting social issues above fiscal, governmental and societal responsibility does.

And what kind of person is going to vote for that?

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