Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DONALD TRUMP WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! And America Still Stands a Chance

I meant to set a reminder alarm on my phone today for 4 p.m. Instead, I set it for 4 a.m.

It’s a mistake I’m really not upset about considering that 1) I already wasn’t sleeping and 2) I got to check the news…

Which showed Donald Trump had won the presidential election.

I’ve actually cried tears of joy this morning. I’ve never done that before over an election, and I certainly didn’t expect to this year over a President-elect Donald Trump. For that matter, I’m not crying tears of joy over him. I’m crying because Hillary Clinton didn’t win, which means America still has a chance.

On Monday night, I talked to two friends on the phone about the elections. (They brought it up; I didn’t.) They’re both liberals and both voted for Hillary, and the one was making cracks about me voting for Trump and about how little he’s paid in taxes.

Immediately, the Clinton Foundation jumped to mind with all of its power grabs and tax investigations and fraud allegations. But the mainstream media didn’t report on any of that in any significant way, so my liberal friends never heard about it.

On Tuesday night, I talked to another friend in person about the elections. (She brought it up; I didn’t.) She’s liberal and voted for Hillary, and was saying how she knows Hillary isn’t perfect and has made mistakes but how Donald Trump’s comments about women are so disturbing.

Immediately, the Clinton’s disgusting level of disregard for women jumped to mind, between Bill’s lengthy list of serious sexual misconduct accusations, Hillary laughing about her defense of that child rapist, and their collaboration over “bimbo eruptions.”

But again, the mainstream media didn’t report on any of that in any significant way, so my liberal friend never really heard about it. Or at least she didn’t hear about it enough.

So essentially, this electoral decision was less Clinton vs. Trump and more the mainstream media vs. the American people.

It was a battle between misinformation and the truth: the truth that liberals and liberalism are destroying this country. That they are transforming it into something our founders never would have dreamt of dying for because it wouldn’t be worth a paper cut much less bayonet wounds and cannon devastation and choking on one’s own blood.

This election was a battle about whether their legacy wants to be treated like adults or children. And we voted for adulthood.

So now America? Now it’s time to prove we can handle it.

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