Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Associated Press Allows Silicon Valley to Stand on Utopic Delusions

Yesterday, I picked on the Drudge Report for a misleading headline.

Today, let’s switch sides and call out the Associated Press for being what it is: an agenda-driven hack.

In “Tech leaders couldn’t beat Trump; they’ll meet him instead,” an article featured on Yahoo! Finance, AP Technology Writer Michael Liedtke starts out with copy that at least resembles a journalistic endeavor (despite making a glaring AP style error in his very first sentence).

Silicon Valley worked hard to defeat Trump? Check.

It was worried he’d “stifle innovation, curb the hiring of computer-savvy immigrants and infringe on consumers’ digital privacy”? Debatable, but whatever.

Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Larry Page, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and their fellow CEOs from Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Oracle and Cisco, along with Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, will all be going to Trump Tower to see if they can get along with Trump after all? Got it.

But then the article devolves into this how “Trump’s denigration of Mexicans, his pledge to deport millions of immigrants now living in the U.S. illegally, and his crude remarks about women were widely viewed as racist, authoritarian and sexist by an industry that prides itself on its tolerance.”

If Liedtke had immediately followed that up with “though many would disagree with that self-assessment” or if he had changed “prides itself on its tolerance” to “strongly backs liberal talking points,” it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Rather like the claim that tech companies didn’t like Trump because he’d be bad for “consumers’ digital privacy,” I could roll my eyes and move on.

But legitimatizing Silicon Valley’s claim of being all about the little people is inexcusably false.

First off, those tech leaders make billions. And while I’m sure they give some of it to charity, the majority of those gains go into their pockets despite all their platitudes about helping out others.

Plus, Silicon Valley is a veritable den of sexism, a fact even the most liberal circles recognize. Just this January, The Guardian ran an article backing the claim that 60% of female workers there have experienced “unwanted sexual advances.”

In 2015, Newsweek didn’t shy away from the belief that the industry “has been described as savagely misogynistic.” And even the rabidly liberal Huffington Post wrote how, “It’s pretty obvious by now that Silicon Valley is a cesspool of sexism,” which “reaches to the very top of the corporate structure.”

So don’t tell me that Michael Liedtke or the Associated Press doesn’t know any of that.

This is a blatant piece of liberal bias masquerading as news. And the people behind it should be ashamed of themselves.

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