Thursday, December 15, 2016

That Story About the Muslim Girl Attacked on a Subway? She Made It Up.

There’s already so much hate in the world today. So it’s a truly disturbed person who will add fuel to the fire by making up stories about people being hateful.

That includes Yasmin Seweid, an 18-year-old Muslim college student in New York City who claimed she was attacked on the subway by three men who tried to pull off her hijab, called her a terrorist and yelled Trump’s name, all while fellow travelers stood by and did nothing.

Seweid took those allegations to the police and filed a report, all of which made the news…

Until she admitted to making the whole thing up. Now, of course, the only news outlets to give any updates on the situation are Breitbart, Infowars and Fox News.

Oh yeah, and The Washington Post, which is running the headline, “She claimed she was attacked by men who yelled ‘Trump’ and grabbed her hijab. Police say she lied.” Putting the “Police say she lied” at the end of the title is manipulative. So is immediately following it up with a picture of Seweid looking gorgeous in a mere head scarf, not a hijab, and the lines:

“The attack described by Yasmin Seweid sounded all too familiar.

“The 18-year-old Muslim woman from Long Island told police and media outlets in early December that she was riding the subway home one night from Baruch College, where she is a student, when three drunk men cornered her and began screaming “Donald Trump!”

Because, you know, that kind of thing happens to Muslims around me all the time. It’s an epidemic. And I constantly see it on the news too. Much more than, say, college professors forcing their liberal values on students or, I don’t know, terrorist attacks caused by Muslims.

Moving on though…

While police recognized right away that there were numerous inconsistencies with Seweid’s story, Fox News reports that they gave her the benefit of the doubt as a traumatized victim.

But when no witnesses came forward, the MTA security footage showed just one of the perps she’d described, and she disappeared over the weekend, reappearing with the excuse that she was at a relative’s house, they started pressing Seweid a little harder.

Her excuse when she finally ‘fessed up? “Family problems.”

She’s now under arrest for filing a false report – and of a time and resource-sucking supposed hate crime too.

I don’t care what kind of problems she has. Disseminating hatred the way she did is inexcusable.

Way to make the world a more hateful place, Yasmin Seweid, for Muslims, Trump supporters and everyone else.

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