Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trump’s Nomination of a “Climate Denier” to Lead the EPA Is Hysterical!!!!

Donald Trump just selected what the League of Conservation Voters calls “an outright climate denier” to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

That just makes me giggle.

I didn’t laugh after Election Day when I saw pictures of Hillary Clinton supporters crying at what was supposed to be her victory headquarters. Honestly, that made me tear up a little bit too seeing how very upset they were and how very divided America is.

And I didn’t chortle at YouTube compilations of people hyperventilating and saying that they were going to kill themselves because of the election results. Again, it’s genuinely sad how many lies these people accepted; they have no idea how enslaved they are to propaganda.

Admittedly, I did laugh my head off when Trump invited the mainstream media up to Trump Towers last month, then told them what they could do with themselves. But that’s because those people are such smug little dictator-wannabe narcissists with delusions of godhood.

They’re also a large part of the reason why I just have to giggle about President-elect Trump choosing Scott Pruitt to head up the EPA, an organization he’s repeatedly pressed to keep accountable and within the lines of federal law.

(How dare he! Right?)

The mainstream media, meanwhile, has done everything it possibly can to promote the notion that man-made global warming is a thing. That it’s a threat. That it needs to be combatted at all costs or else the seas will rise and the earth will sink and the polar bears will all die off.

The mainstream media told us that in 2010 during Snowmageddon, when the D.C. area got snowstorm after snowstorm after crazy, big snowstorm that shut down everything for days.

It told us that in 2011 when every single state in the U.S. save Florida had snow on the ground.

And it also told us that during the winter of what I believe was 2013-2014, when the whole entire country was hitting record lows on a weekly basis.

It also ignored multiple scandals from climate change institutions, happily encouraged the falsification of data, and did nothing to hold so-called global warming experts accountable when they made ridiculous predictions about the world's end.

So Scott Pruitt, “outright climate denier” taking over the EPA?

Yup! I find that hysterical. And so should you.

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