Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Just Took Steps to Build That Border Wall… And That’s Cause for Concern

Looking at the prominent Drudge Report headline this morning, “Trump to Unleash Immigration Directives Construction Order for Wall,” my first thought was, “Dang! He’s actually doing it!”

My second was, “Good!”

And my third?

It’s really scary how much power the president of the United States has with his ability to sign executive orders left and right without going through Congress or otherwise consulting the will of the people.

This was never the way our founding fathers saw it. At least not the sane, decent ones. And yet we now expect such actions after eight years of Obama’s whims and agendas.

Of course, Obama wasn’t the first one to suit his whims and agendas by way of executive order. For better or worse, George W. Bush signed his fair share. So did Bill Clinton (when he wasn’t busy boinking or trying to boink women other than Hillary) before him and George Bush before him.

For that matter, I’m sure that conservative hero Ronald Reagan did too.

According to Glenn Beck’s Liars: How Progressives Exploit Our Fears for Power and Control, the total, unacceptable overreach of government dates back to Woodrow Wilson in the early 20th century, a truly racist Democrat and a socialist at heart. Though he was nothing compared to his fellow racist and socialist Democrat president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a few terms later.

Both men made exceptionally arrogant government-boosting, economy-depleting, freedom-hating power grabs that were intentionally unconstitutional. They did so because they thought themselves above such “changing documents” as the supposedly old-school U.S. Constitution.

And America has never truly recovered from that mentality.

So am I happy that American citizens are going to be protected physically and fiscally against illegal aliens?

Yes. I am. And I won’t apologize for that. If you want to come here, come legally, earn your own dime and be respectful.

But that doesn’t mean Trump’s ability to make or make way for such drastic changes in his first Week in office is a good thing.

America is bigger than one man.

At least it should be.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

CNN Seriously Just Encouraged Someone to Assassinate Donald Trump at Inauguration

Somebody needs to tell CNN that encouraging crazies to assassinate Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tomorrow at the inauguration is officially going too far.

Because that’s seriously what it just did with its “Disaster Could Put Obama Cabinet Memberin Oval Office” piece. And it knows it very well.

You don’t need to be inside its twisted, partisan collective head to know that was the intention.

What you do need to do is look at CNN’s coverage of the 2017 presidential election process, which was so anti-Trump and so pro-Hillary as to be nauseating. To say nothing about its (p)sycophantic treatment of Obama’s administration these past eight years.

Next, consider how Trump has humiliated CNN twice now in front of its peers. Sure, he reamed out all the news networks at Trump Towers just after the election, when he invited them up for a dressing down they had no idea to expect.

But he still singled out CNN in the process. According to a New York Post source, “Trump started with [CNN Chief] Jeff Zucker and said, ‘I hate your network. Everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed.’”

(Back when I first read that, I thought that was hysterically awesome. Now, with the benefit of hindsight and cooler emotions, I consider it merely entertainingly awesome.)

Then there was that more recent, direct and public scolding when a CNN reporter asked a question at his press conference and Trump responded with, “Not you. Your organization is terrible,” followed by “I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news” when the guy persisted.

So there’s all of that to take into consideration before judging CNN’s motivation in telling everyone who would take office if enough Republicans died at inauguration tomorrow.

It’s pretty damning stuff. Yet, even so, the network could be innocent of actually instigating violence if there was precedence in airing such stories.

So here’s the million-dollar question: When was the last time a major news organization aired a piece like this?

For that matter, when was the last time a major news organization aired a piece like this just days before inauguration?

Off the top of my head, I’m going to go with… It’s never happened before.

In which case, there’s no other conclusion but that CNN has officially gone way, way too far.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Farewell Address of a Narcissist-in-Chief

So President-for-not-much-longer Obama gave his farewell address to the nation yesterday.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know about it until this morning. And even if I had known, I wouldn’t have cared. I’ve long-since given up on listening to the speeches of a man so wholly consumed with himself.

This American has better things to do than listen to a narcissist try to convince her that he’s God’s gift to the world. Which, by all sane and honest accounts, is exactly what he did last night. For the umpteenth time.

According to the Washington Examiner, Obama yapped for 51 minutes during his farewell address… which was almost 10 minutes longer than Bill Clinton’s seven-minute address, Ronald Reagan’s 20 minutes and George W. Bush’s 13 minutes combined.

Also indicative of an utter narcissist is how Obama gave out tickets to people to come listen to his speech at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center, whereas Clinton and Reagan both streamed their farewells from the Oval Office, and Bush staged his in the White House East Room in from of a small audience.

In other words, Obama hopped on a plane (emitting who knows how much climate-changing carbon dioxide into the air) after renting out a stadium-sized auditorium to accommodate his enormous ego instead of just staying at the White House like a normal president.

But he’s not normal, right? He’s better than normal! That’s the whole point he so desperately wants to prove.

So it’s no surprise that The Daily Caller reported how, “President Obama referred to himself 75 times in his farewell address Tuesday night” or how he “heavily promoted the speech, penning a blog post about it and appearing in a promotional video in the days leading up to the address.”

Or, for that matter, how, “in his blog post promoting the speech, Obama encouraged Americans to tune in ‘because, for me, it’s always been about you.’”

In typical narcissistic style, I’m sure that statement isn’t entirely untrue. It has always been about us to him… about us worshipping the ground he walks on.

It’s that kind of ego-trip that makes me care so little that President-elect Donald Trump snipped at Meryl Streep via Twitter after her own swipe at him during the Golden Globes.

Was his response the most dignified or even accurate counter-attack? No, not really.

But the way I see it, a snipper-in-chief is still several steps up from a narcissist-in-chief.

So bring on the snipping. At this point, I welcome it with open arms.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Black Chicago Gang Beats up White Man in Blatant Racist Attack

Okay American culture, it’s officially clear that we’ve gone too far in affirming our supposedly special groups.

Actually, it’s been clear for a while now considering how messed up our culture in general is, but let’s break it down anyway.

Our young people don’t know how to deal with the real world, mainly because we never taught them to deal with it. Our women expect to be respected while grossly sexualizing themselves every chance they can. And our black community?

Well, our black community just did this up in Chicago…

·         Kidnapped a young white man, bound and gagged him
·         Repeatedly kicked and hit him until he was bleeding.
·         Forced him to say “F*ck Donald Trump” and “F*ck white people”
·         Recorded the whole thing
·         Uploaded the video to Facebook.

There’s so much wrong with that, I don’t even know where to start.

Do I reiterate how a bunch of black people – both men and at least one woman (I’m not watching the provided video, since I really don’t want to see a real person abused like that) – kidnapped a white person in a blatantly racist attack?

Do I bring up the fact that the victim is being described as “special needs,” which usually either means he’s physically or mentally handicapped? That the perpetrators, even with the clear advantage of numbers on their side, still went for such an easy and defenseless target?

Or do I focus on how stupid these disgusting cowards are bragging about their actions so openly? Did Brittany Herring, the woman who held the camera during the assault and uploaded it onto her Facebook page, think for one second that she was handing prosecutors an open-and-shut case against her and her friends?

Or did she genuinely think that, as a member of a “special group,” she could get away with it?

Oh, and how about how this story is only being featured on conservative-leaning sites like InfoWars? It was up on Yahoo briefly this morning, but I’m not finding it there anymore.

Add all of these factors together, and what you get is stinging proof that America has failed the black community – just like it’s failed women and young people – and that the black community has failed itself.

This isn’t just morally and legally wrong. It’s also flat-out embarrassing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It Wasn’t the Russians, No Matter What President Obama Wants to Tell Us

It’s January 3, 17 days until Inauguration Day.

Seventeen days until President Obama becomes former President Obama.

Seventeen days until he’s no longer in the White House, running the country (into the ground).

Yet Obama is working just as hard as ever to build his legacy of being one of the most inexcusably incorrect presidents America has ever known.

You probably heard how he kicked Russian diplomats out of D.C. to punish them for their supposed role in the hacking scandal that shook the Democratic National Committee last year.

That expulsion was rather ridiculous, to say the least. At best, it was like the proverbial farmer patching the fence after his horses escaped, considering how badly the Russians have behaved over the last eight to nine years, even without the hacking accusations.

At worst, it was a pathetic temper tantrum by an exiting president who knows the American people want nothing more to do with him.

And let’s face it. It’s probably the latter.

I’m not saying that because of what Real Clear Politics just reported. I concluded as much right after reading about the whole Russian diplomatic fiasco. It’s just that the latest news on the subject brought it back to mind.

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange – the group and guy who disseminated the DNC’s private emails – has once again come out insisting that the Russians weren’t the ones who passed along all of that damning documentation, this time on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

Here’s a snippet of the conversation:

Sean Hannity: Can you say to the American people, unequivocally, that you did not get this information about the DNC – John Podesta's emails – can you tell the American people 1,000% that you did not get it from Russia or anybody associated with Russia?

Julian Assange: Yes. We can say [and] we have said repeatedly… over the last two months that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party… 

Our publications had wide uptake by the American people. They're all true. But that's not the allegation that’s being presented by the Obama White House. So why such a dramatic response? Well, the reason is obvious. They’re trying to delegitimize the Trump administration as it goes into the White House. They are trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate president.

So there you have it, right from the real horse’s mouth. It’s shocking that Obama would be so immature, right?