Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Just Took Steps to Build That Border Wall… And That’s Cause for Concern

Looking at the prominent Drudge Report headline this morning, “Trump to Unleash Immigration Directives Construction Order for Wall,” my first thought was, “Dang! He’s actually doing it!”

My second was, “Good!”

And my third?

It’s really scary how much power the president of the United States has with his ability to sign executive orders left and right without going through Congress or otherwise consulting the will of the people.

This was never the way our founding fathers saw it. At least not the sane, decent ones. And yet we now expect such actions after eight years of Obama’s whims and agendas.

Of course, Obama wasn’t the first one to suit his whims and agendas by way of executive order. For better or worse, George W. Bush signed his fair share. So did Bill Clinton (when he wasn’t busy boinking or trying to boink women other than Hillary) before him and George Bush before him.

For that matter, I’m sure that conservative hero Ronald Reagan did too.

According to Glenn Beck’s Liars: How Progressives Exploit Our Fears for Power and Control, the total, unacceptable overreach of government dates back to Woodrow Wilson in the early 20th century, a truly racist Democrat and a socialist at heart. Though he was nothing compared to his fellow racist and socialist Democrat president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a few terms later.

Both men made exceptionally arrogant government-boosting, economy-depleting, freedom-hating power grabs that were intentionally unconstitutional. They did so because they thought themselves above such “changing documents” as the supposedly old-school U.S. Constitution.

And America has never truly recovered from that mentality.

So am I happy that American citizens are going to be protected physically and fiscally against illegal aliens?

Yes. I am. And I won’t apologize for that. If you want to come here, come legally, earn your own dime and be respectful.

But that doesn’t mean Trump’s ability to make or make way for such drastic changes in his first Week in office is a good thing.

America is bigger than one man.

At least it should be.

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